Wednesday, October 14, 2009

E-cigarette can produce heated smoke inhalation in the lung and were smokers

He said that manufacturers of electronic cigarettes advertised as safe and effective smoking cessation products, but "the manufacturer has not conducted any scientific tests to confirm the efficacy and safety. Moreover, the electronic cigarette could also induce non-smokers - especially young people took to the road of smoking. "

According to the World Health Organization revealed that Turkey is only a "halt" electronic cigarette sales on the grounds is the lack of relevant scientific testing.

Some of the electronic cigarettes are now touted as a "legal" cigarette substitute it with chewing gum and smoking cessation patches equivalent. Rejected, said the World Health Organization, the electronic cigarette manufacturers, this statement was "false, without detection, and false", the electronic cigarette is a highly toxic "health killer."

22, according to Agence France-Presse reported, WHO project leader Douglas Beiteqieer smoking electronic cigarette , in an interview with AFP, said: "that this is a kind of therapy to help smokers quit smoking is very wrong , the electronic cigarette contains a large number of chemical additives, are highly toxic. "

Electronic cigarettes made of stainless steel, with liquid nicotine with the "Smokeless." Smokers can smoke, like smoke, like real smoke, but do not require them to ignite. E-cigarette can produce heated smoke inhalation in the lung and were smokers. Beiteqieer said: "The whole world a lot of e-cigarette manufacturers have recognized the name of the name of the World Health Organization." Electronic cigarette manufacturers to the World Health Organization has issued a warning, asking them to immediately stop these practices, or they will prosecute.

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