Friday, April 23, 2010

Se Simo the first home run I hit his seventh this season

"When you say 30-30, you think is a very capable player," Draskovic said, "strength, speed, a perfect player." Lists all the 30-30 club members in a timely manner, that is a short list. 10 American League hitter, completed a total of 14 times. A is the Rangers Alfonso. Shaliyanuo he did in 2005. League of Nations completed a total of 23 players 38 times. replica mlb jerseys

Se Simo the first home run I hit his seventh this season, improved the record of the Indian team, which is 18th of his career, and team records maintained Kenniluofu Dayton tie. "This is a good way to start the race," Se Simo said, "You as the first bar, you can hit with a change in the game. This gives the team momentum, disrupting the other pitcher." Seth Mount to 30-30 on the road in many pitchers have been disrupted. This season the Indians have 32 games, giving him a 40-40 chance the club members. "I will go on step by step," Se Simo said, "I would a race every day, try not to think about it. Before reaching the 40-40 is still a long way to go."

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