Monday, April 12, 2010

A-Rod Yankees investigating doping controversy authenticity of the report

And A-Rod is most close to hitting coach Kiven Long, for A-Rod's doping crisis, "said his team played a very important role in his fight to bring to the team championship, most recently in the ball There are too many teams in the event interference, but I will let these things to avoid affecting the mood of the players so that they can properly prepare for the new season. "

Face doping affair, the Yankees avoided the top choice, including the president, Randy Levine, general manager Brian Cashman and Zong Jiaotou Joe Girardi that so far not made any relevant comments. According to Yankee insiders pointed out that the pellets for the inspection report in 2003, has begun investigating whether the truth.

As a relief pitcher with the team mate Brain Bruney come out today even behind the A-Rod, "I believe he did not take drugs, A-Rod on the team which has been a very serious player, he had no reason to do so, He is our teammate, we all support him. "

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