Wednesday, April 7, 2010

McNabb said the team will participate in offseason training

McNabb said: "I will turn 34 this year, Mike (Shanahan) to help John - Herve feat of winning the Super Bowl to complete twice, I hope I can follow in his footsteps." Shanahan echoed that: " Herve won two Super Bowl titles before, some people say he should retire. "in the title chase until the Redskins have a more realistic task team last season, they made only four negative dismal record of 12 wins, ranked the League of Nations Eastern last, last 4 of the league, the former head coach Jim - Zorn the mid-season, in fact class, as McNabb's arrival, has 5 years of playing varsity koraiensis main quarterback Jason - Campbell about to leave, he was Monday, after talks with Shanahan has informed the broker for trade for themselves.

McNabb said the team will participate in offseason training, from the first mini-camp less than two weeks, but he must first take several weeks to move, he said: "I think this deal is like was off again in the same draft, you come to a new team, strive to adapt to the new environment, and new running mate, I feel like going back 22 years. "As the Redskins team very popular in Washington, DC area welcome to join the news page so McNabb accounted for the recent headlines, the limelight even more than Obama, television helicopters to catch McNabb's shadow, hovered over every day in Redskins Park, McNabb said: "This is really interesting, but does not affect my normal training and life."

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