Wednesday, April 21, 2010

He's fighting over the time while they ran up the third base

"He was very witty," Hunter said, "He's fighting over the time while they ran up the third base, two out when not to, that is exactly what we need."

But Li Erde, still convinced that Hunter did not touch home plate, he look at the stolen bases are different. "I want this responsibility," Li Erde said, "I am Hunter's decision was so unexpected, I did not pay attention to field situation." This time base running is essential. replica mlb jerseys

Then the angel of the bullpen on and as usual Yali Tang worked more. Scott. Sears, Francisco. Luolikuizi cast a total of 4 hours without loss of the bureau, only to be hit two. Luolikuizi at first base with runners on the case will Buleilake struck out, ending the game, scored 53 times this season, the successful rescue from Baobixipan record set in 1990 Chicago White Sox 4 games worse .

This victory makes the angels in the AL West-leading 18 games the Rangers second, setting a team record. Buddha said that the Victoria team would also like to continue that in the last month of the force. "In the end we must continue our efforts," Victoria Buddha, "must be maintained. To have such a large room is a nice piece of something, but we need the momentum into the playoffs after, not like last year to me. "

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