Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wukesong Baseball Field site area is about 98 meters long edges

Wukesong Baseball Field starting on December 22, 2005, August 12, 2007 completion.

Wukesong Baseball Field site area is about 98 meters long edges, center distance 122 meters. Installation of electronic scoreboard inside the arena, an automatic sprinkler system of water recycling, renewable energy systems and sustainability of ecological materials, with particular attention to the quality of the venue's natural turf. The design and construction of competition venues will be in strict accordance with the technical requirements of the International Baseball Federation. Remain after the Games for local baseball.

As the Wukesong Baseball Field is the temporary construction of venues, architectural design relatively simple. The venue of three venues have been designed taking into account the flow of all types of people classified according to formulate the draft plan, through several gates to achieve complex shunt control. The baseball field stands, there are two structures: one with a functional space for the stands under the grandstand, with steel structure design, in the stands at the top of the canopy with supporting membrane structure. Another common stand for the temporary building, to race, through temporary lease or build support-type activities in the stands to achieve. Was selected rental stands way, mainly because baseball field built for the temporary venues, ancillary facilities will not be long, just by way of leasing can reduce the burden of running after the race venue, while saving construction costs.

Baseball Field Wukesong Indoor Stadium is a part of. After the Olympics, the Wukesong Cultural and Sports Center will be the residents in western Beijing to meet the commercial, cultural, sports and leisure needs of an important place.

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