Monday, June 28, 2010

The wave of old on the Joe Torre

The wave of old on the Joe Torre, in addition to holding gratitude and respect is outside, "he said to me, is also the benefactor is not only coach, not only gave me the chance to play, cheap mlb jerseys but also gave me a lot of encouragement, I would thank him for his life . "As for Pettitte said," He's like my father, nothing can be said to him, even trivial things of life, not to mention he pretty much me, when baseball would like to trade me, that he come out to emphasize the value of leaving me, he told me it really is a very important person. "
Rivera is so described Torre - spiritual mentor, "He is not only a friend, coach and teacher, he is an important spiritual pillar, always behind everyone, when I first served as the 1997 Terminator encountered situation, he took the mound only to tell me a word 『Do not worry, no matter how you bid, as long as I'm still, you are my Terminator』. "
As for Torre to take over the location of Girardi, the same confidence of his past with gratitude, "I was a bench coach, he let me do a lot of what you want, and I thank him, Torre is really great! "old army, partner of gratitude and respect for Torre to reflect consistent evidence of trust, resulting in their achievements.

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