Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sun Triptych Canvas Paintings For your Liveable space

What is Triptych?

First of all triptych oil paintings are basically paintings that are in a series of three canvas panels. For example a sun painting put into three pieces making one whole scene. These have recently become very popular in modern interior designs and in the world of modern art. There is also something called iptychs? which is basically a painting split in to two pieces. Most original hand-painted triptychs come in deep edge canvas panels of about 1. 5 in . deep providing them with a good deeper three dimensional visual effect.

Sun Canvas Paintings

A triptych sun canvas Music Oil Painting is probably one of the most exquisite waste modern contemporary artwork that you can buy today. Prices vary from the size, colour scheme, detail, and medium and of course the character of the artwork itself. For example if youe looking for something extra special to finish off your freshly adorned living room then i do believe only an original piece of art will do the job. There are endless counts of canvas images available online and traditional which are by all means a wonderful alternative if you can afford to buy original art, but these days original art are becoming a lot more affordable. The colours, textures, feel and value of an original canvas painting will never be the same and you simply cannot get these elements from purchasing canvas images.


Mediums are of a personal Still Life Oil Painting preference. Both oils and acrylics play a large roll in the existence of triptych sun canvas paintings. It is believed that oil paintings increase more in value than polymer-bonded paintings however once again this depends on the detail and the nature of the artwork. Polymer-bonded paintings are a lot easier to clean with a clean damp cloth, where oil paintings sometime need a special solution or medium to clean. The vibrancy in polymer-bonded paintings are far more superior as to oil paintings as well.

Sun Themes and Colour

There are many themes of Landscape Oil Painting sun canvas paintings available. The most popular ones I believe is to be the seascape paintings or if your like sunsets over the seas and beach scenes. The depth and tones of the colours is also based on preference and moods to suit the surroundings in which it will be displayed. Something subtle and calm with blues and yellows to suit more stimulating atmospheres or maybe something powerful such as deep vibrant reds and grapefruits for more creative atmospheres, the option can be limitless. If sunsets and art is your passion, then in the alternative way could you possibly bless your living space with anything other than an original sun canvas painting? Do your research both online and traditional and before you go to make your choice, I believe it will be special.

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