Friday, May 21, 2010

Aberdeen's opponent today, the construction crew of ace Erik Bedard

Aberdeen's opponent today, the construction crew of ace Erik Bedard, he pitches is not bad, but the first three opponents occurred Bureau fielding errors in the 4th let him pay a painful price, one half of the Yankees captain Jeter Board (Derek Jeter) rely on shortstop Beitakete (Rafael Betancourt) mistakes on the base, and then Abu Rui worry (Bobby Abreu) and Hideki Matsui hit straight back to home plate to Jeter scored 1 points; 2 Board under Mariners third baseman Bell half Choi (Adrain Beltre) failure to Ansiboge (Morgan Ensberg) on base, then stealing second base when second baseman Lopez (Jose Lopez) was not any better off then the ball out of the original can easily catch out a few, he was attacking station scoring position, the last in, third base was the case, Bedard by Cabrera (Melky Cabrera) and win the Qing base 2 RBI 2 base hits, the Yankees opened a few get more than 3-0 lead.

Bedard (2 wins and 1 loss) starting 7 6 strikeouts Board cast, was hit four hits and lost 3 points, but only 1 point is earned run defeat to swallow the war.

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