Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Summers are cool and struck cowboy swimsuit

Have always thought that denim (the major components of cotton fiber) and water sports irrelevant? Wrong! Recently, in the fashion show in Miami in full swing, major brands with their crazy imagination, announces to the world: the territory of swimwear has completely captured cowboy!

Denim jackets there heaven and earth

If the temperature of the autumn of the seaside resort has been inhibited, and three cowboy-style swimsuit slightly thin, Chanel had introduced several designs for denim lovers is enough to bring inspiration to follow suit. By the color of varying shades of denim stitching into a one-piece bathing suit, from the visually graceful lines to create a waist, and then cast a denim jacket this year’s hot to cover up live in three-point over-assertive sexy. There is nothing in the blue sky, blue sea, blue jeans even more touching the edge of it?

Kept alive the “cowboy-control” were encouraged by that, in these bikini metal buildings can be found on the nails, skin after lumbar card, or even stitches criss-crossing the car … … a symbol of all the details on the jeans have been retained to show. Was wearing a true religion wholesale swimsuit like the shuttle on the beach of Guys and Dolls, the absolute can be transformed into a vision of the magnet.

In fact, the combination of denim and swimwear are not accidental. In addition to skin-friendly, breathable, bacteria and other functional blocks of “rigid quotas”, but also essential for outstanding achievement sexy, so fashionable temptation “soft targets”, may no longer be more challenging than the swimsuit fashion a . No wonder the combination of denim and swimwear so “blessed”, especially to the late summer early autumn season - set of practical (underwear, swimwear, underwear Waichuan), fashion, sexy, health (cowboy has a natural cotton fiber a good breathable skin-friendly properties, and can effectively prevent bacteria) in a denim bikini, with denim jacket, is simply the perfect beach beauty sexy transition.

Denim bikini sexy in the end

Well received by Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and other stars favored by the U.S. surge True Religion wholesale Brand Jeans, is absolutely outstanding admirer of Marxism. Miami Fashion Show in 2010, the figure shows the hot swimsuit girls seem born with the sandy beach and cowboy intimate. Swimwear designs warm bohemian style, cleverly combines rugged denim wash effects and destruction of sense.

Cowboy bras, vests, hot pants, and even rivets buckles and other elements have been used in hot bikini design. And as early as last year, supermodel Hilary Rhoda wearing jeans and even bathing suits boarded the “ELLE” the French version of the cover, all this clearly shows a cowboy all-pervasive strong and unstoppable.

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